Skype for Business Consulting

Deploy the next generation of universal communications.

We understand that every company need is different. As a certified Skype for business partner, we can help you use Skype in a way that best fits your company's communication needs.


Skype Keeps You Connected

Skype for business consulting

Skype for business let's you cut communication cost with one solution.

Imagine being able to connect with anyone, anywhere and on any device…

Working smarter on the go while having peace of mind, knowing that your data is safe and secure. That's what we’re going to help you do!

But there’s even more exciting things to look forward to:

Imagine being able to connect with your employees, co-workers and partners quickly to get things done. Now you can collaborate on projects and host meetings without the usual hassle.

Notable Features of Skype

✓ Works over a variety of communications devices.
✓ Enjoy calling, instant messaging and meeting participation from mobile and non-mobile devices.
✓ Simple drag-and-drop file sharing.
✓ Enjoy high-definition video for real-time experience and collaboration.
✓ Complete integration into all Microsoft Office applications.
✓ Simultaneous display of multiple videos let’s you keep track of everything.
✓ User-friendly control and support across all Windows devices.

skype for business features

Expand your organization with universal communication

Skype for business gives you enterprise grade reliability, security, compliance and superb control.


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Penney Computer Consulting is a certified Microsoft partner with the knowledge and expertise that you need for a successful implementation of Skype for Business.

Through our Skype for business consulting services, we help organizations like yours improve communications, business processes and work flow.

We assist you all the way, with implementation, adoption, managed support and development.