IT Managed Services

We help our clients increase productivity, reduce cost and enable growth with dependable IT managed services.


What if right now, you have IT issues that you don't know about?

Many companies have IT vulnerabilities that can expose consumer and personal data to the wrong eyes. Including productivity hindrances that increase overall cost by reducing the effectiveness of an organization. These are costly issues but many executives aren't even aware they exist until it's too late.

Inadequate information security and cyber threats prevention systems can quickly become nightmares when breaches occur. Similarly, a poor information technology structure can cause employee stress of all sorts, lowering productivity and impacting your bottom line.

For over nineteen years, executives have trusted Penney Computer Consulting to help them stay ahead of technology changes, prevent disasters and meet the demands of their customers.

Why Work With Us?

Work with us if you want to:

  • Have a single point of contact for all information technology support needs.
  • Easily address any cybersecurity, company growth and productivity needs such as broadband, networking solutions, communications, cloud services etc.
  • Align IT with business needs so that you can make data-informed decisions quickly. Today being able to bring company data together so that it can be securely accessed, analyzed and used to make informed marketing or other business conclusions is necessary in a fast-paced digital age.

IT Managed Services

Managed Services

As a managed services provider (MSP), we manage and provide a robust set of services, offering proactive support, maintenance, and solutions that enable growth. Technology is an integral part of any business, therefore, a well-structured and maintained IT environment offers a competitive edge.

However, managing that entire infrastructure can be extremely complex. Work with us to remove that massive burden, resulting in a more efficient and effective support for your organization.


managed services

managed IT services in Edmonton for sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint improves performance, reliability and scale while providing a foundation for future innovations.

It’s a massive set of solutions that enable organizations to create tools for their employees that enhance collaboration between teams.

Now you can keep track and organize an immense amount of data, all in a managed server that can be accessed from any authenticated device, including mobile. Allowing your executives and associates to quickly make informed business decisions.


Skype for Business

Use Skype for business to meet and collaborate online with millions of people. Learn how you can cut the cost of your business calls, keep track of your expenditures, reduce your business travel costs and stay in touch with colleagues, as well as customers.


consulting for Skype for business

computer consulting for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft office that you know but a lot better.

Get seamless coordination with the tools that you already know and access all versions of office without the need for software installations or updates.

Make work fun again with anytime, anywhere access.


Microsoft Technology Training

Market research indicates that the adoption of Microsoft technologies will continue to grow. Microsoft currently owns 50 percent of the market share among IT enterprise applications and over 80% of the operating systems market share.

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IT services for Microsoft technology

IT service professionals

Microsoft Technologies Consulting

When it comes to Microsoft technologies, your organization shouldn't stand alone. Get the IT support that you need from highly trained professionals.

In today's fast paced environments, the reliability, capabilities and running cost of your systems are a critical concern. Our support services are delivered in such a way that addresses these challenges.


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Get the support that you need with Microsoft System Center tools. We help your IT administrators manage your network and servers better. We give them the support that they need, especially where it counts!

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Use Microsoft System Center tools to avoid downtime costs. Prevent system errors by monitoring your network and servers for anomalies and failures.

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